Dani Aldinger, Pianist

Studio Policy *** 2019-2020
Dani Aldinger, Pianist
5202 Hook Drive  Newberg, OR  97132
(503) 349-2191 cell
e-mail:  danialdinger@frontier.com


Tuition is $100.00 every 4 weeks to be paid in advance.  
Lessons are 45 minutes long - divided into 30 minutes of private piano instruction and
15 minutes independent computer time

A Monthly Statement reflecting tuition and supplies (students are expected to purchase all music/materials used) and Lesson Schedule listing all lesson/recital/vacation dates for the upcoming studio year will be available in the student/parent portal of ‘My Music Staff’.  You will be able to access your account with a personal log in/password.  Parents & students can now check/reschedule lesson times, view their account, track their practice time, send teacher notes, and receive feedback on your progress.


Make-up Policy:
There will be no refunds for missed lessons.  Make-up lessons may be available when a student has an extended illness or when the teacher must miss a lesson.  Teacher will try to reschedule, but it is not a guarantee.

The STUDENT is….

  • Expected to be on time
  • Expected to be prepared.  QUALITY practice is what counts!
  • Expected to have all materials (music, assignment book, etc.)
  • Expected to use the ‘computer’ time
  • Expected to participate in all RECITALS (Winter & Spring)


The TEACHER will help the student have knowledge of….

  • The ENTIRE piano – key names, pedal names/functions, inner workings
  • Note Reading  (on the staff) and Interval Reading
  • Rhythm – kinds of notes (i.e. quarter, half); How to Count
  • Chords – Naming them; playing from Chord Symbols; Writing them
  • Theory – key signatures; time signatures; tempo markings; common music terms & signs
  • Scales – 5 finger; 1/2/4 octaves; hands separate & together
  • Improvising
  • Transposing
  • Harmonizing/Composing
  • Ear-Training
  • Sight-Reading
  • Memorizing

Each lesson will include 15 minutes of independent time spent working with various music software programs.  These programs are designed to meet all student levels.  They are a reinforcement and supplemental teaching tool.  Students are expected to use their computer time.

Revised August 2019